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  • n. The collective body of officials (mandarins) or persons of rank in historical China.
  • n. A political form of rule by mandarins
  • n. The status of holding a position as a mandarin.
  • n. A type of government marked by excessive bureaucracy and Byzantine regulations.

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  • n. The collective body of officials or persons of rank in China.

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  • n. The office or authority of a mandarin.
  • n. The whole body of mandarins; mandarins collectively.
  • n. The jurisdiction or district of a mandarin.


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mandarin +‎ -ate


  • China, at least, has the political capacity as an authoritarian mandarinate to change course from the top if the Communist Party is confident enough to heed the feedback signals of a burgeoning middle class that is demanding a more open society.

    Nathan Gardels: To Balance Global Economy, Recalibrate Democracy

  • Even those sympathetic to the mandarinate in Beijing who have competently lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty must shake their heads in wonder.

    Nathan Gardels: First, Ai Weiwei. Now, Confucius

  • The mandarinate and its political masters would no doubt reply that this was inevitable: the Queen's government must be carried on, as far as possible in the usual way.

    The Coalition and the Constitution by Vernon Bogdanor – review

  • Will this modern mandarinate that has competently moved China from a peasant economy to the factory of the world be able to transcend its Maoist roots and respond to the new conditions and constituencies it is creating any more than did Japan Inc. 's Ministry of International Trade and Industry?

    Nathan Gardels: The Rise of Naoto Kan: Japan's Lesson for China

  • "When working properly, the mandarinate is meritocratic and imbued with a deep sense of responsibility for the whole country," Yeo said hopefully.

    Nathan Gardels: The Rise of Naoto Kan: Japan's Lesson for China

  • The mandarinate is already being tested on many fronts, from the need to raise domestic consumption as American demand for Chinese exports weakens, to endemic environmental crises, to the striking workers at Honda, to the suicides at Foxxconn Technology Group this year.

    Nathan Gardels: The Rise of Naoto Kan: Japan's Lesson for China

  • Even so, his aim was not to destroy Christianity – but to drive the religion out of the governing classes of the empire — much as Buddhism was driven back into the lower classes by a revived Confucian mandarinate in thirteenth-century China.

    Julian 1st…Caesar of Rome! Past life experience… « Julian Ayrs & Pop Culture

  • That night, the bipartisan mandarinate known formally as the Senior Advisory Group began preparing at the Pentagon for a meeting with the President.


  • History was thus expressed and dominated by the imperial presence and its Confucian mandarinate.

    The Lower Depths

  • Meanwhile the theory of Empire coursed in his blood, fed by the revelation of the future of his country in every newspaper, by the calculated prophecies of American onlookers, and by the telegrams which repeated the trumpet notes of Wallingham's war upon the mandarinate of

    The Imperialist


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