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  • n. Plural form of mangrove.


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  • Exceptional development of the mangroves is also made possible by high freshwater inputs from rainfall that averages 2,500 millimeters (mm) a year but may be as high as 4,000 mm a year, and from the Amazon River system.

    ParĂ¡ mangroves

  • She noted: Lives in mangroves, head like a crocodile, caught at night, has lizard-like skin and red meat that tastes like salmon.

    A Strange Fish from Yap

  • D. Tsunami: Awareness and preservation of natural mangroves is the key to safety from killer waves was demonstrated with the help of many catastrophe models as described in sf stories and myth of Lord of death i.e. Yamraj.

    MIND MELD: Guide to International SF/F (Part II)

  • Loss of mangroves translates to a loss in control over the local fish stock and a livelihood they have been pursuing for many generations and that they value.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being~ Biodiversity Synthesis~ Key Questions on Biodiversity in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

  • But the backs of many bays and lagoons are dotted with hundreds of small mangrove islands; sight-fishing for snook basking in the sunlight shallows near the mangroves is often possible.

    YUCATAN COAST: Inshore Eden

  • The world needs Australia to restore its mangroves, which is where the nutrients carried in the brown water would have been recycled.

    Australian floods: Why were we so surprised?

  • Although locally called mangroves, Thespesia populnea, Calliandra riparia and Coccoloba uvifera are not mangroves in the strict sense.

    Coastal Venezuelan mangroves

  • The mangroves are a difficult environment in which to work, and so far mostly small walkabout mills have been used in the mangroves to cut timber.

    New Guinea mangroves

  • The city of Piura is not far from the coast and these mangroves, which is also applying pressures to the ecosystem through water diversion and pollution as well as development and other activities.

    Piura mangroves

  • The mangroves are the second most important place in Mexico for endangered birds such as Jabiru, wood stork, and white ibis and are the most important site for the reproduction of the great white heron.

    Mayan Corridor mangroves


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