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  • n. Mashed plantain


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Derived from mangú.


  • Latino is when we use different names for the same thing, like Mexican salsa and Caribbean sofrito, or Puerto Rican mofongo, Dominican mangu and Cuban Foo-foo, showing both, our individuality and our commonality.

    Virginia Sanchez-Korrol: On Being Latino With a New York Accent

  • But I think that simply to dismiss Azande mangu, to shrug it off as part of a superstitious primitivism from which we have happily been weaned, is to miss something essential.

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • * He was particularly interested in the role of mangu roughly: “witchcraft” in their daily life:

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • The scene at the restaurant on a typical day, punctuated by lively interactions between families and younger couples over plates of mangu and mofongo, isn't a far cry from the sort of vibe that once permeated much of the area's establishments.

    Fearing a Retail Invasion

  • Link delicious stuff. known as fufu (accent on the second u) in Cuba and mangu (accent on the u) in Dominican Republic.

    Recipe of the Day: Mofongo - Bitten Blog -

  • One look at the authentic 'vadu mangu' pickle, Punjabi vadis and dhanraj chillies in the local Indian store and my in laws were floored!

    Treasure Hunt - Green Tuvar

  • I will talk about my personal recommendations of animu and mangu that are sure to make you rage/laugh/cry or at least entertain you.

    Anime Nano!

  • Probably we shouldn't have used the term "all over the map," because the map reveals a stunning buffet of breakfasts, from the natto (fermented soybeans) enjoyed by breakfasters in Japan, the mangu (mashed boiled plantains) of the Dominican Republic and the goat omelets of Ghana.

    Long Beach Press Telegram Most Viewed

  • Huya muradius mangu and on ur way consider urself bankrupt coz kadollar kawaitha bet kaenda.

    Zimbabwe Telegraph and ZimDaily Forums

  • AWful …. she could have done something sultry and latinlicious … but what she recorded is some mangu that cant be understood and has no style but one so overly immitated and over done by cubans and many latinos which is the Azucar style ..

    Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton


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