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  • n. Chinese comics ( 漫畫 / 漫画 / mànhuà )


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From Mandarin mànhuà (漫畫 / 漫画 )


  • As a result the term manhua became associated with Chinese comic materials.


  • Gossip Girl fans are usually the ones that laugh at anime/manga/manhua fans.

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  • However, when I search Amazon for the novels, it isn't listed - and the only works with him as a credit are manhua adaptations of his other works - many out of print.

    meli Diary Entry

  • Once they didn't have to worry about being banned anymore, they quit the newspaper sham and turned the entire periodical into a manga/manhua publication.

    Dart Adams presents Dragon Tiger Gate by Wong Yuk Long (Tony Wong)

  • WILD ANIMALS by Song Yang | Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Wang Shuo, this manhua explores the experiences of young people growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China.

    New York Comic Con 2008

  • Level Comics January 2010 manga, manhwa, and manhua

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  • Level Comics manga, manhua, and manhwa (April 2010 advisory)

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  • Technorati tags manga · manhua · manhwa · ROMIC · Level Comics · josei · seinen · shoujo · shounen · AirGear · Angel Heart · ARMS · Barairo My Honey · Basara · The Black Swindler

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  • Level had 31 manga, manhwa, and manhua titles on tap for April and scheduled 23 of them.

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  • With all the Romance of the Three Kingdoms adaptation going around, I wonder how long it'll be until someone decides to take on Chen Mou's excellent "Ravages of Time" manhua? Antenna


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