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  • noun The condition of being manipulable

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  • noun the quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the hands


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  • He was, however, either a crackpot who had correctly calculated the manipulability of the congenitally angry, or just lucky.

    Marx In Disguise « Isegoria

  • Now, at long last, that tiny corner of the natural world called the human brain is passing into manipulability, and I'm simply suggesting that the process will repeat itself.

    More Aesthetics

  • If not, you need to explain why the brain would be the magical exception to the rule: whatever science drags into manipulability ...

    More Aesthetics

  • We noted above that interventionist versions of manipulability theories are counterfactual theories.

    Causation and Manipulability

  • As we have seen, the notion of an intervention should be understood without reference to human action, and this permits formulation of a manipulability theory that applies to causal claims in situations in which manipulation by human beings is not a practical possibility.

    Causation and Manipulability

  • (R) are true, it is an important inadequacy in manipulability theories that they seem unable to capture such claims.

    Causation and Manipulability

  • §4 argues that the notion of a free action cannot play the central role it is assigned in traditional versions of manipulability theories. §5 introduces the notion of an intervention which allows for a more adequate statement of the manipulability approach to causation and which has figured prominently in recent discussion.

    Causation and Manipulability

  • As we shall see, the different assessments of manipulability accounts of causation within and outside of philosophy derive from the different goals or aspirations that underlie the versions of the theory developed by these two groups.

    Causation and Manipulability

  • Moreover, to the extent that reliance on some notion like that of an intervention is unavoidable in any satisfactory version of a manipulability theory (as I believe that it is), any such theory must be non-reductionist.

    Causation and Manipulability

  • As remarked above, the generally negative assessment of manipulability theories among philosophers contrasts sharply with the widespread view among statisticians, theorists of experimental design, and many social and natural scientists that an appreciation of the connection between causation and manipulation can play an important role in clarifying the meaning of causal claims and understanding their distinctive features.

    Causation and Manipulability


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