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  • n. A person; the average or common person; anybody.

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  • n. A large West Indian tree, of the species Cordia elliptica or C. macrophylla.


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every man Jack


  • By this time next year, if that old bag of tricks Letterman is still with us, Conan will be knockin' another gap in his set of chompers. manjack i love craig ferguson.

    TV Buzz: What Does the Future Hold For The Tonight Show? NBC Chief “Dethrones” Conan O’Brien. David Letterman Drinking His Milkshake. | /Film

  • In each episode the likes of Ken and Cherry - and all the other Secretaries of This and Chairmans of That who've been given responsibility for federal entities they've vowed to destroy - are imaginatively gunned down each week, always by lone assassins, lifetime NRA members every manjack of them, wielding one of those guns that don't kill people.

    Tony Hendra: National RePUBLICan Radio

  • Secretly he ran his eye over the assembly, and found that it was so ... though he could not have put a name to a single manjack of them.

    Ultima Thule

  • He's as straight as a string, not a crooked hair in his head, and every manjack of you knows it.

    Ridgway of Montana (Story of To-Day, in Which the Hero Is Also the Villain)

  • Yet, if we were to go away, she would storm at us to-morrow; call us sycophants and time-servers, swear she would hold no further commerce with any manjack among our detestable crew.

    London Pride Or When the World Was Younger

  • Curious, too, how even as past polls and present calypsoes point to the vulnerability of the ruling party (count how many of them are taking direct aim at the Prime Minister), not a manjack among them is sniffing opportunity in the political air, as if the tribes are resolutely separate, whatever the lie given that by the NAR earthquake of '86.

    TrinidadExpress Today's News

  • And how on earth can we assume every manjack/womanjill would sign up?

    Blogposts |

  • But it was a year of major turbulence, largely the result of financial misadventures - the sub-prime mortgage crash in America turned into a full-blown crisis, and the resulting recession has hit every manjack among us in one way or another.

    Technology news, comment and analysis |

  • I really enjoy your website! manjack essentially, this is a kid's at school series with fantasy elements. the class to class stuff is what life is like for kids. danger is behind every corner! but first, i need to finish my homework. as for a malfoy and potter wasted opportunity, you need to keep in mind that was film 2 in a veeerryyy long series. it is all just setting the stage, and to exploit that tension or rivalry that early would truly be the waste.

    Harry Potter Through Fresh Eyes: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban | /Film

  • But the bar exam is the exclusive parlance of people who’ve been insane enough to get through law school, and every single manjack there was the die-hard, must-pass-tests sort of person who would follow the instructions to the last detail.



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