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  • noun bullfighting A maneuver in which the bull charges behind the bullfighter into his red muleta.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Named for Manolete, a Spanish bullfighter


  • This pass, called the manoletina after the greatest matador of recent


  • The hardcore of serious aficionados, of which there are as few as in, say, the world of opera, have acclaimed him for the classical perfection of his movements with the cape, which recover classic pasos (movements) such as the manoletina and gaonera.

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  • The basic muleta passes are the ‘trincherazo’, generally done with one knee on the ground and at the beginning of the faena; the ‘pase de la firma’, simply moving the cloth in front of the bulls nose while the matador remains motionless; the ‘manoletina’, where the muleta is held behind the body; and the ‘natural’, where the estoque is removed from the muleta, making it a smaller target.

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  • Show them how tough this racket really is/but the journalist in me was thinking: So far we lack a good-focus shot of a man actually being tossed - if he tries the manoletina with this bull, he's going right up in the air.


  • It was an operation as delicate and as critical as the manoletina of a matador who lets the bull brush his side as he withdraws the cape.



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