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  • noun Plural of mantis, 2.

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  • noun Plural form of mantis.


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  • The lady who had known the Guer-mantes since 1914 considered another who had been introduced to them in 1916 a parvenue, gave her the nod of a dowager duchess while inspecting her through her lorgnon, and avowed with a significant gesture that no one in society knew whether the lady was even married.

    Time Regained

  • I had seen the vices and the bravery of the Guer-mantes return in

    Time Regained

  • Disencumbered of its books, the feudal turret had become warlike again and that Guer-mantes was more himself in death — he was more of his breed, a Guermantes and nothing more and this was symbolised at his funeral in the church of Saint-Hilaire-de-Combray hung with black draperies where the “G” under the closed coronet divested of initials and titles betokened the race of Guermantes which he personified in death.

    Time Regained

  • These differences were as important for them as, when I made my first appearance in society, were those between two families like the Guer-mantes and the

    Time Regained

  • Guer-mantes declared that she had always detested Empire style; that meant, she detested it now, which was true, because she followed the fashions though not closely.

    Time Regained

  • Not only the grasshoppers but other family members of the Orthoptera are here described, including mantes, walking-sticks, katydids, and crickets.

    A Mother's List of Books for Children

  • Praying-mantes were common, and one evening at supper one had a comical encounter with a young dog, a jovial near-puppy, of Colonel Rondon’s, named Cartucho.

    VI. Through the Highland Wilderness of Western Brazil

  • Although our mantes are brown or green, there are a great many species living in hot countries that are much more brightly attired; and when you find yourself on a visit to the tropics, you must look for the flower mantis.

    The Insect Folk

  • The mantes are terrible fighters, too, and if there is a meeting between two of them, there is very apt to be a battle in which one is vanquished and devoured by the other.

    The Insect Folk

  • The young mantes are similar to their parents, only they have no wings.

    The Insect Folk


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