from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun One of the different insects which bore the wood of maples. Such are Ægeria (or Sesia) acerni in its larval state, Tremex columba, and Plagionotus speciosus.
  • noun Besides the species mentioned are the following: A cerambycid beetle, Glycobius speciosus.
  • noun Any one of several homtail borers of the family Uroceridæ, as Xiphydria albicornis and Oryssus sayi.
  • noun The larva of a buprestid beetle, Dicerca divaricata.
  • noun Any one of several scolytid beetles, as Xyloterus politus and Corthylus punctatissimus.
  • noun A calandrid beetle, Stenoscelis brevis.
  • noun A ptinid beetle, Xestobium affine.
  • noun The larva of the leopard-moth, Zeuzera pyrina.


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