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  • noun Plural form of marabou.


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  • In fact, even facultative scavenging like that present in marabous seems unlikely for azhdarchids, as (unlike marabous) their bills were weakly braced around the bony openings.

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  • In contrast to scavenging raptors, corvids and marabous, the azhdarchid rostrum does not appear to have been well braced around its openings (this is the naris in the birds, but the nasoantorbital fenestra in the azhdarchids), nor (with its bony dorsal crest) is the skull well suited for probing into body cavities, nor is the long, stiff neck in agreement with this lifestyle.

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  • The orange groves and labyrinths (where Clews's all-white bulldogs, peacocks and marabous used to wander) are now used as an exhibition space for sculptors-in-residence.

    Sunbathing With the Masters

  • The kingdoms of Fez, Algiers, and Tunis have no marabous of the Redemption of Captives; because, though they take many

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Through his field-glass the old man could see not only trees and the broad leaves of bananas, but even legions of monkeys and great marabous and flocks of parrots, rising at times like a rainbow cloud over the forest.

    Stories by Foreign Authors: Polish, Greek, Belgian, Hungarian

  • The fathers and mothers, as well as the marabous, (a kind of priests) pass their leisure moments in teaching the principles of their religion, as well as instructing them in reading and writing on the sand; the wives of King

    Naufrage de la frigate la Méduse. English

  • Furthermore, marabous were led to make public statements of their allegiance with the French colony to either avoid opposition with the French# or to protect their political and economic interests.

  • In the case of the UCM, initial opposition towards Sufism can be more accurately labeled as "anti-maraboutic" rather than anti-Sufism because the UCM collaborated with Prime Minister Mamadou Dia in an effort to usurp the powerful influence of the marabous.

  • The good relationship between reformists and marabous in Senegal continued symbiotically where firstly, reformists extolled al-Hajj Malik Sy and Ibrahim Niasse (both are Tijanis) in addition to Amadu Bamba as heroic Muslims; and secondly, marabous helped disapprove secular President Senghor's policies.

  • However, this trend took a different turn when they lost influence in the government whereas marabous maintained considerable influence in Senegal.


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