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  • n. A large basket used to carry marketing.


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  • Until 2000, the most common indicator of the rate of inflation was the amount of change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measured price fluctuations in a market-basket of goods.

    The [Restricted/Slanted/Inaccurate/Incomplete/Mis-] Information Society « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • "The whole notion of going to one place to buy everything in one fell swoop because you are sure of a total market-basket savings may go away," says Leon Nicholas of consultancy Kantar Retail.

    Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear Into Retailers

  • In a recent market-basket study of back-to-school supplies at Target and Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs retail analyst Adrianne Shapira found Wal-Mart prices less than 1% below Target's.

    Target Profit Declines, Hurt by Credit-Card Unit

  • He wanted profitability based upon the ability to review demographics data, point-of-sale data and market-basket analysis.

    Very Large-Scale Data

  • It represented the solemn solitude of a lofty forest; a girl, in Swiss costume, was flying in terror, and as she fled flinging a piece of meat behind her which she had taken from a little market-basket hanging upon her arm.

    Uncle Silas

  • But she went flitting about from room to room, declaring that this thing must be taken, and that other, till the market-basket would have become very large indeed.

    Can You Forgive Her?

  • Alice, who by this time had followed her friend along the passage to her bedroom, and had seen how widely the packages were spread about, bethought herself that the market-basket should be a large one.

    Can You Forgive Her?

  • "Hurry up, mademoiselle!" cries the engineer to a rosy-cheeked girl in sabots, rushing with a market-basket under one arm and a live goose under the other.

    A Village of Vagabonds

  • Clad, therefore, in her thick cloak and warm boots, with her wide, red - knitted woollen shawl over her head and portly market-basket on arm,

    Fritz and Eric The Brother Crusoes

  • But, bang just then came Lorischen's market-basket against the side of the little man's head, knocking his hat off and stopping his speech abruptly; while the old nurse muttered savagely, "I wish it had been your little turnip-top of a head instead of your hat, that I do!"

    Fritz and Eric The Brother Crusoes


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