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  • verb Present participle of marketise.


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  • This unavoidable 'marketising' of the process has the effect of creating yet another interest group, the professional producers of information, whose power as suppliers in the market restricts the freedom of others.

    The Media: Public Interest and Common Good: lecture delivered at Lambeth Palace

  • With the wind of public and medical opinion blowing their way, the Lib Dems now have a chance not simply to adjust the timetable and the implementation, but also redirect the marketising thrust of the plans.

    Health service: the concession that counts

  • Some urge Miliband to offer his own eye-watering cuts, or marketising public sector "reforms", but these would only be swiped by the government, with taunts for more.

    The Guardian World News

  • Of course, throwing hundreds of thousands of people out of work, marketising the NHS, spunking millions of pounds on free schools, putting university education out of reach for kids from ordinary backgrounds, depriving them of EMA and castigating all people in receipt of benefits as shirkers is the solution.

    The Guardian World News

  • If there's one belief that unites virtually all the country, it's opposition to further privatisation of the NHS, let alone extending it by marketising the public's trusted relationship with GPs.

    The Guardian World News

  • Pledge no more organisational upheaval for the NHS - stop the marketising without more musical chairs.

    The Guardian World News

  • As marketising social practices may corrupt or degrade the norms that define them, we need to ask what non-market norms we want to protect from market intrusion.

    Latest news from the public and voluntary sectors, including health, children, local government and social care, plus SocietyGuardian jobs |

  • Eradicating child poverty, closing the gap between rich and poor - not endless talk of marketising areas of public life where markets don't belong and trying everything in its power to stifle the freedom the public should have over the information of government.

    British Blogs

  • In his first term he led a government whose programme pointed to a modest kind of social democracy, buried when he chained himself to the Bush administration and discovered the marketising school of public service reform, also championed by that new coalition helper Alan Milburn, and taken to its logical conclusion by Michael Gove, Andrew Lansley et al. Had his gifts been accompanied by a belief in those quaint relics known as Labour values, who knows where things would have gone?

    From political wizard to a byword for excess. The journey's over for Tony

  • * marketising and privatising our public services;

    Archive 2007-01-07


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