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  • n. the abnormal development of male sexual characteristics in a female (usually as the result of hormone therapies or adrenal malfunction)


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  • Thus at the present time men are most vociferous in their protests against the "masculinisation" of women's dress.

    The Dominant Sex: A Study in the Sociology of Sex Differentiation, by Mathilde and Mathias Vaerting; translated from the German by Eden and Cedar Paul

  • In some university or other, the department of gender studies will be having fun with that piece of objective masculinisation.

    Only pettiness makes us sneer at Olympic football | Richard Williams

  • Paradoxically, in birds where male is the default sex, estrogens are known to be both necessary for the feminisation of the sexual organs during early development, and also for the masculinisation of the avian song centres in the brain.

    Toxic waste gets birds laid - Boing Boing

  • At the price of some masculinisation, she could be able to be a biological parent.

    Thought for Today

  • We're trying to replicate conditions this time 3 years ago, to try to get a quick fix of the masculinisation I had recently.

    Must... Resist....

  • Recent events, namely, the rapid masculinisation that I started having, may provide a clue.

    Year Three

  • The fat cells also sequester oestrogen, the female sex hormone, so the low testosterone just means a partial masculinisation, no feminisation.

    The Smell of a Million Melted Computers

  • Now when things go wrong - and for some of us, that means 47xxy chromosomes, for others 46xy but a glitch in masculinisation, etc etc we may end up not with FFFfFfffFmFFFfFFmfF but with FFfMFfmfFmFfFfFFmfF.

    Thoughts on Gender

  • The Leydig cell anomaly could be reasonably expected to cause under-masculinisation during foetal development, so chances of Harry Benjamin's Syndrome HBS are increased, possibly to the 1 in 5 level found when DES is administered to the mother in the first trimester.

    Yet Another Data Point

  • The masculinisation that should have happened (or shouldn't have happened for guys in female bodies) due to the chromosomes was badly awry in one area (neurological development), so minor glitches in other areas are more likely than not.

    Ms January


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