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  • n. Plural form of matrix.


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  • To help you choose the right assessment for each student s needs, an extensive appendix contains two matrixes that show the assessments related literacy processes and purposes.

    Diagnostic Literacy Assessments and Instructional Strategies: A Literacy Specialists Resource « Books « Literacy News

  • Portfolio managers used the matrixes to rank ideas for specific funds, and sales reps indicated their clients 'preferences using the colors too.

    Bond giant Pimco taking another shot at equities, driven by belief in 'new normal'

  • It boasts one of the largest hydroelectric power matrixes in the world.

    Atención Deficit

  • Kinda matrixes well against Tara LaRosa the ass kicking kick boxing queen my son watched her destroy another woman at a UFC fight that he went to with his Crime Scene Cleanup company owning boss who lives about the same distance from my house.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • In confronting the tradition of philosophy with his central insight of the radically finite temporality inherent in the Da-Sein experience, Heidegger discovers that the entire tradition of Occidental philosophy constituted a basic drift away from this chiaroscuro experience of be-ing and developed over the centuries into a metaphysics of permanent presence now coming to its perfection in the Ge-Stell syn-thetic com-positioning of modern technology in the form of global matrixes.


  • We are a 22,000-member vetted body of subject-matter experts that reaches across seventeen matrixes.

    Printing: Matthew Rothschild Reveals New, Fascist FBI Project that Looks Like Communist Insider Program

  • * - Users can declare one-dimensional matrixes as well as simple variables

    EngLab: A Gift of a Program for Engineers

  • Their growing visibility is already changing the tone of Washington and creating new power matrixes.

    Black Power Brokers Ready to Rise

  • Specially developed matrixes allowed managers to establish which official had assumed responsibility for processing at each stage of the application, from acceptance at a home affairs office to transport to headquarters, verification of the applicant's identity, permission for an ID document to be printed, printing, return to the issuing office, and handover to the applicant.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Also there was his decision not to support Jerry Hauer when he tried to do what he was mandated to do — to create matrixes of which agencies were in charge of which responsibilities and develop protocols for anticipated incidents.

    ‘Stark Contrasts’


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