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  • n. The belt worn by rikishi during training and in competition


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Japanese 廻し or 回し, mawashi, same meaning.


  • They wear what's called a mawashi, which is essentially a beefed-up loincloth.


  • One might think that anyone can get big and put on a diaper - it's actually called a "mawashi" - and slap another fat guy around a ring a few times.

    Stars and Stripes

  • Before the match begins, each wrestler, clad only in a silk belt in various colors called mawashi, stamps his feet in a wide stance – a gesture reported to drive away evil spirits.

    A Novice's Guide to Watching Sumo

  • Sumo rikishi wear a stylized loincloth called a mawashi during their bouts.

    Butt, butt. . . » Japundit Blog

  • The former All Black watched from a safe distance as his players, wearing the buttock-bearing "mawashi" loin cloth worn by sumo wrestlers, took a frightful battering.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • I am not koli but I had one mawashi who is like mother to me and she is koli.

    Koli Veg Taat (Thal Part III)

  • Through all this, the only stipulation was that women wear covering leotards underneath their mawashi, the much-hearalded loincloths worn plainly by men.

    Sumo WrestleHERS « Gender Across Borders

  • I was hoping that the women might wrestle in mawashi, the same stylized thongs the men wear, but no such luck.

    2005 June » Japundit Blog

  • The governing principle for determining Cabinet appointments is known in Japanese as tarai mawashi.

    The icebreaker, part 1 » Japundit Blog

  • I must admit it was a bit like a mawashi geri to the gedan area when I found out that you had done the same thing.

    Introduction: Craig Colbeck


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