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  • n. A holiday celebrating the birthday of a holy man or prophet, especially Muhammad.


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From Arabic.


  • The wording of the paragraph clearly suggests that the mawlid was a clearly established practiced by this time.

  • This weekend, Muslims around the world celebrate with much festivity the "mawlid"

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  • They have common doctrines found disagreeable to an anti-Sufi Muslim such as mawlid and baraka.

  • Another early source that mentions the mawlid is the work of Ibn al-Ṭuwayr (d.

  • We have celebrated the annual commemoration of the martyrs of Çanakkale (pronounced Chanakkalé) with a mawlid on Thursday night.

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  • The famous scholar of hadith, Abul-Khattab Ibn Dihyah, wrote a book for the king especially to be read during the mawlid celebration, and there are no great Muslim scholars who dispraised this innovated celebration. - Articles related to Evgeni Plushenko stripped of eligibility, out of 2014 Olympics

  • The first mention ever made of the mawlid celebrations in any historical work comes in the writings of Jamāl al-Dīn Ibn al-Ma'mūn, who died 587 AH / 1192 CE.

  • [2] Therefore, since the first suggestion of the mawlid occurs in the chronicles of Ibn al-Ma'mūn, we can safely venture the hypothesis that the mawlid was first celebrated around the turn of the sixth hijrī century.

  • The mawlid was not the only celebration that was sponsored by the Fatimids.

  • In other words, the mawlid was originally an Isma'ili Shi'ite festival, even though eventually it lost the tarnish of its Shi'ite origins.


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