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  • noun The quality or state of being maximal.


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  • A possible world thus has a certain kind of maximality property ” maximal spatiotemporal inclusion.

    States of Affairs

  • As noted by Reinhart and Kadmon, more than n noun phrases produce maximality effects of the kind illustrated in (43):

    Situations in Natural Language Semantics

  • The maximality condition can then pick out all the food eaten during such a period by the relevant cats, regardless of whether they ate just a little more than what comes in a can or much more than that.

    Situations in Natural Language Semantics

  • For example, the Axiom of Choice allows the taking of maximal ideals in rings and other structures; it entails the kinds of maximality principles that even the analysts were already using; it simplifies transfinite arithmetic; and despite its suspicious abstractness it turns out to be equivalent to

    Naturalism in the Philosophy of Mathematics

  • But the maximality principle may seem to be independently justified as well.

    Relative Identity

  • As Gödel put it in a letter to Ulam in the late 1950's, about a maximality principle of von Neumann:

    Kurt Gödel

  • Perhaps the maximality condition in Sharvy's generalized theory of descriptions should be dropped altogether.


  • But while maximality does rule out the surgically mutilated spacetime just constructed, it does not guarantee hole freeness in the sense needed to make sure that determinism does not stumble before it gets to the starting gate.

    Time Machines

  • As an example, if this algorithm is applied to The disadvantage of bundle maximality out - the system in Fig. 2, the algorithm constructs the weighs its advantage in systems where users never key bundle shown in Fig. 4. need to securely multicast data items to the com - plements of elementary groups.

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  • As another side note, it is possible, logically, that a quasi-maximal being created the maximal one; there is no premise that states that to be created is less in maximality than to have existed in all states of our logically possible world, only that the maximal being's existence in this world is necessary.

    Debunking Christianity


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