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  • Initial production version with 11,200-lb static thrust J57-P-37A engine, internal fuel capacity of 785 gal, maximum range of 2,200 miles; about 30 were built; most of these were later converted to U-2B.

    Strategic Air Command: People Aircraft and Missiles 2nd Edition

  • It was the FOO, ,Scott (in response to a speculative request from OC Oscar Company) who caught the mine-ploughs at work, and the initiative of a TOW operator with Mike company, opening up at the maximum range of his night sight, which produced a hit on the right flank tank supporting the minefield breaching operation.

    First Clash

  • As a matter of principle, however, Cowdray wished to hit the enemy at maximum range and keep him at arm's length for as long as possible.

    First Clash

  • The small, shoulder-launched missiles had a maximum range of just over two miles, but any explosive warhead could do serious damage to the carrier if you hit it in the right place.

    Terror At Dawn

  • Cap Trafalgar still had the higher speed and Carmania, in pursuit, continued firing until, beyond her maximum range of 9,000 yards, her adversary was out of reach.

    Castles of Steel

  • * "The desirability of obtaining the advantages of maximum range for all heavy-armoured defence.

    First Clash

  • It was true that the old battleship carried four 12-inch guns, but they were of an early design and their maximum range of 13,000 yards was no greater than that of Von Spee’s sixteen 8. 1-inch guns.

    Castles of Steel

  • Master Corporal Gene Pétrie with November Company, had found this difficult amid the confines of the orchard behind Favorite, his essential requirement for a clear field of fire reaching to maximum range to the left across the frontal boundary of Blickheim, being inhibited by trees; and the insistence of Lieutenant Eddie Leach that, wherever he put himself, he must not advertise the infantry position by the TOW's distinctive, launching signature.

    First Clash


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