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  • noun (Zoöl.) A goatlike antelope (Haplocerus montanus) which inhabits the Rocky Mountains, frequenting the highest parts; -- called also mountain goat.

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  • noun The mountain goat.

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  • noun brockets


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  • The deer of Louisiana (_Cervus nemoralis_) is supposed by some to be a different species from any of the above; so also is the "mazama" of

    The Hunters' Feast Conversations Around the Camp Fire

  • Endemic Olympic fauna includes: Olympic marmot Marmota olympus, Beardslee trout Salmo gairdneri beardsleei, Crescenti trout Salmo clarkii crescentis, Olympic mole Scapanus townsendi olympicus, short-tailed weasel Mustela erminea olympicus, Olympic chipmunk Tamias amoenus caurinus and Olympic mazama pocket gopher Thomomys mazama melanopes.

    Olympic National Park, United States


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