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  • noun A Polish dance, or the music which accompanies it, usually in 3-4 or 3-8 measure, with a strong accent on the second beat.

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  • noun Dated form of mazurka.


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  • Italian sun, or wandered over trackless Alpine heights through the midnight storm -- have rested on princely couches, or on the wheaten straw of the peasant -- I have joined the mazourka in palaces, or the tarantala in the wilds of Calabria -- I have revelled in the scenery of

    Confessions of an Etonian

  • The polka redowa and the polka mazourka are modifications of this step to different times.

    Manners and Social Usages

  • _Charles Aubrey_, of Yatton, in the county of York, Esquire, possesses ten thousand a-year in landed property, a lovely sister in yellow satin, a wife who can sing, and two charming children, who dance the mazourka as well as they do it at Almack's, or at Mr. Baron Nathan's.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, November 27, 1841

  • The birch rod hopped about among the flowers on its three legs, and stamped quite loud, for it was dancing the mazourka; and the other flowers could not manage that dance, because they were too light, and unable to stamp like that.

    Little Ida’s Flowers

  • Mr. Chenoweth wrote that while dancing the mazourka with a Lovely Being, the sweetest feelings of his soul, in a celestial stream, bore him away beyond control, in a seraphic dream; and he untruthfully stated that at the same time he saw her wipe the silent tear, omitting, however, to venture any explanation of the cause of her emotion.

    The Two Vanrevels

  • But there was little spirit for the old merriments: there were no more carpet-dances at the Bareauds ', no masquerades at the Madrillons', no picnics in the woods nor excursions on the river; and no more did light feet bear light hearts through the "mazes of the intricate schottische, the subtle mazourka, or the stately quadrille," as Will Cummings remarked in the Journal.

    The Two Vanrevels

  • We can only say that an hour's audience with her yesterday afternoon proved her to be a cultured, self-possessed and accomplished person, who had a most singular attribute of being able to hold two totally distinct conversations at the same time with different persons, or the same person, can sing a duet very tastefully and tunefully in two voices, soprano and contralto, and can dance a mazourka with singular grace and facility.

    Biographical Sketch of Millie Christine, the Carolina Twin, Surnamed the Two-Headed Nightingale, and the Eighth Wonder of the World.

  • The polka, the mazourka, the schottische, are delineated by these two pairs of pretty feet, in perfect time and harmony, and the spectator is rewarded not by one smile, as in the case of ordinary young ladies, but by two distinct smiles, winked at you by two pairs of sparkling and roguish eyes, and thrown at you by two different sets of the purest ivory that ever adorned the mouth of an Indian Sultana.

    Biographical Sketch of Millie Christine, the Carolina Twin, Surnamed the Two-Headed Nightingale, and the Eighth Wonder of the World.

  • On goes the dance - quadrille after quadrille - until long after midnight, with here and there a waltz introduced, and occasionally a schottische or a mazourka, and here and there time allowed for the lancers.

    The old plantation : how we lived in great house and cabin before the war,

  • "And here's my piano, too, and open!" she finished gaily, dropping herself upon the piano stool and dashing into a brilliant mazourka.

    Miss Billy


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