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  • June 12th, 2008 7: 04 pm ET still for hill has their facts wrong .. mccaskill was on city council in st louis .. and then the missouri state auditor from 1998-2004 when she ran for governor and lost. id say shes been in the game for a good 15 years ..

    McCaskill interested in VP?

  • June 12th, 2008 6: 36 pm ET still for hill your wrong and must not be from the great state of missouri because that was carnahans wife not mccaskill who won she beat out incumbent jim talent 4 years ago out right so get your facts straight

    McCaskill interested in VP?

  • On mccaskill, she was on the tube virtually every day.

    Is Coleman Litigating For Franken Votes?

  • | Reply | Permalink yeah, so why does lieberman keep showing up in lists of dem senators? also, interesting that tester, webb & mccaskill -- three of the new senators elected with significant netroots help, a netroots that overwhelmingly opposed to this war, voted against it. i know they're in tough states, but they're 5 years away from reelection.

    Breakdown Of Senate Dems Who Voted Against (And For) Feingold Amendment

  • There are a ton of female supers, boxer, feinstein, mccaskill, etc. Mysoginy my a**.

    Hillary: Pledged Delegates Can Switch Candidates

  • Register online at mccaskill. / economicsummit. stories

  • McCaskill, Claire - (D - MO) 717 HART SENATE OFFICE BUILDING WASHINGTON DC 20510 (202) 224-6154 Web Form: mccaskill.

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  • To: mgc1122 the people of missouri should be ashamed that they got suckered into giving granny mccaskill a sympathy vote. she has no more business being a US senator than a plow mule it's tough deciding who is dumber, stabenow of michigan or granny mccaskill.

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  • "zone_info": "huffpost. green/blog; featured-posts = 1; green = 1; nickname = jessy-tolkan; entry_id = 327549; 2010-elections = 1; afghanistan = 1; claire-mccaskill = 1; copenhagen-2009 = 1; evan-bayh = 1; green-jobs = 1; joblessness = 1; unemployment = 1",

    Jessy Tolkan: Youth Vote 2010: Millennials Demand Clean Energy Economy

  • i will say that the forbes article was useful in further bolstering my argument for it reminded me of 2 additional true swing states, florida and michigan, which hrc also won. of obama's victories, the only state i'd call a true "swing state" is missouri, a state he won by a negligible percentage with the full bore support of the state's leading political figure, claire mccaskill.

    Poll: Obama's Lead Drops By Nine Points In North Carolina, But Hillary Still Trails By Double Digits


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