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  • adjective superlative form of meagre: most meagre.


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  • The provisions are not very first-rate, and the day after tomorrow, being Christmas Day, we shall sigh for the roast beef of Old England, as our dinner will be somewhat of the meagrest.

    A First Year in Canterbury Settlement

  • And though he crouched, balled like a spider, ready to pounce on the meagrest image that shewed, nothing came: the very tension he was at held thought at bay.

    Ultima Thule

  • All he could do at the piano, hundreds of others could do better; his talents as a conductor were, he had learned, of the meagrest; the pleasing little songs he might compose, of small value.

    Maurice Guest

  • Here there is no possibility of giving even the meagrest account of these investigations, which extend over a decade and a half.

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1921 - Presentation Speech

  • It is in every one's experience that an accidental light, or even an accidental susceptibility, will impart to the meagrest landscape -- a bare marsh, a scraggy hill-pasture -- a charm of which the separate features, or the whole, at another time, give no hint.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 76, February, 1864

  • For is it not equally true that in every other community the doers of society's rough work, the recipients of its meagrest rewards, are chargeable, relatively, with the greatest number of crimes and misdemeanors?

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 1995, Memorial Issue

  • In those early days, however, Bach was almost entirely self-dependent -- a penniless scholar, fortunate in finding his services rewarded by the plainest and meagrest of fare, yet swayed and urged forwards by a fixed determination to conquer and attain the knowledge upon which he had set his hopes.

    Story-Lives of Great Musicians

  • Inevitably the 7th Meerut Division got the meagrest show in such meagre dispatches as the Censors allowed him to send home.

    The Leicestershires beyond Baghdad

  • To be sure Sylvia's knowledge of the world was the meagrest, but certainly she could never have imagined any woman as remarkable as Mrs. Owen.

    A Hoosier Chronicle

  • Finally, this pre-eminence formed one of the spoils of world conquest, and that not one of the meagrest.

    Characters and events of Roman History


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