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  • adj. Destined to exist.


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  • The Hyperion was meant to be a new class of Starfleet vessel—larger than a scoutship, smaller than a Saber- or Defiant-class ship, but with full warp capability and an impressive weapons system.

    Creative Couplings

  • This devotional is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of any particular passage of Scripture, but instead is intended to encourage you to immerse yourself in His word and inspire a wholehearted love of God.

    It’s Your Time

  • I have to say I shall take part ownership for the initial error of going over the bridge, HOWEVER, when we started to get towards the port and the footpaths ran out, I did point out to Ray Mears that I wasn't sure if people were really meant to be going down there as if they had wanted us to walk down there surely they would have provided a footpath/sidewalk. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • When the Golds called everyone in and revealed Vanessa's true identity, it was meant to be a tearjerker, as they made real all the shop assistants' dearest dreams.

    TV review: Undercover Boss; True Stories – Voices From the Killing Field

  • This drug is much stronger than Dianabol and is meant to be taken only once a day.


  • Agog, I studied Watts and how she wrapped her legs around Keith, teaching him to kiss, hoping somehow to transfer from her lips to his the notion that friendship and love were meant to be combined.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • There is also the possibility that their ubiquitous ‘lady’—she who must be obeyed, if only from a chaste distance, was meant to be understood at an esoteric level as something else, as their German name of minnesinger suggests.

    The Templar Revelation

  • During the neverending arguments about women priests even the women concerned were mostly scrupulous about not using the ‘pagan’ term priestess, extraordinary misrepresentations of Jesus' followers were cited as ‘proof’ that women were not meant to be members of the clergy.

    The Templar Revelation

  • This latter fulmination, characteristic of Nixon, was presumably not meant to be taken literally.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • Labels marked “DANGER” and “POISON” that were stamped on the grain sacks were printed only in English; the grain was intended for use as seed and never meant to be eaten.

    The Panic Virus


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