from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun Any device for chopping or mincing meats.


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  • Thought of the men who had become his friends back on the ward, men who had been thrown into a meat-chopper by old fools who could not and would not understand that war had changed, changed in unrecognizable ways, and that the old tactics that had worked once did not work anymore.

    Phoenix And Ashes

  • If you have no potted ham in the house, but have plain boiled ham, put this through the meat-chopper till you have half a cupful, put in

    A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl

  • Make one cup of white sauce; take a cup of cold boiled ham which has been put through the meat-chopper, and mix with a tablespoonful of white sauce and one egg, slightly beaten.

    A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl

  • The mistress will find it to her advantage to have a very great profusion of towels and dusters, and also to supply the kitchen with every requisite utensil for cooking a good dinner, or for the execution of the ordinary daily work -- such tools as an ice-hammer, a can-opener, plenty of corkscrews, a knife - sharpener and several large, strong knives, a meat-chopper and bread-baskets, stone pots and jars.

    Manners and Social Usages

  • It affected the rushing followers of Lord Ghek exactly as if it had been an oversized meat-chopper.

    The Pirates of Ersatz

  • After this they run them through a meat-chopper, grinding them real fine, shells and all.

    From Captivity to Fame or The Life of George Washington Carver

  • Martie conceded a plaster pipe-rack, set with little Indian faces, to Wallace; her own extravagance was a meat-chopper.

    Martie, the Unconquered

  • Like the other women, she had her small domestic ambitions; Mrs. Brown wanted a meat-chopper; Mrs. White's one desire was to have a curly maple bedroom set; Mrs. Lloyd wanted a standing mahogany lamp for the sitting room.


  • That machine has about as much of the human element as a meat-chopper, as a steam - roller, as the death-chair at Sing Sing.

    Fighting in Flanders

  • I'll tell you that, but there's no use telling you about it when you don't know a gas engine from a meat-chopper.

    Tom Slade on a Transport


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