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  • n. Human beings or their brains, when regarded as a form of computer hardware or software.


meat +‎ -ware (Wiktionary)


  • Over time the meatware proved to be much too expensive for Yahoo! and the several other sites that attempted to copy their approach.

    The John Henry fight of man v. algorithm « BuzzMachine

  • They then augmented the human “meatware” with software algorithms.

    The John Henry fight of man v. algorithm « BuzzMachine

  • As he puts it, regardless of what lab trickery you might see on "grotesque fascist forensic-porn wallow CSI", in the real world "audio is rather more messy and the associative comprehension of human meatware still blows away digital signal processing".

    Boing Boing

  • So boot up your meatware and help figure out what the hell Cartman is saying.

    Boing Boing

  • Plus a book has infinite save points, vastly better special effects at least when run on the appropriate meatware, namely a creative human brain, is conveniently portable, and much cheaper.

    ATITD Tests Psychological Origins of Play

  • Others have various vision or vision processing impairments that would make meatware-visual-coprocessor-test CAPTCHAs reject them.


  • The 100mb limit still counts, but the fact that they’ve expanded the longer-form program to people like “YouTube Partner” Trippy means the copyright infringement detection mechanisms, regardless if automated or meatware, have matured.

    Charles Trippy Stretches YouTube to Nine Hours


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