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  • n. A robot that is designed to look and act like a human.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From mechanical and -oid.


  • Allie Sandoval helped build the Betabot, a swimming "mechanoid" thatshows its emotions when prodded or shaken.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • When they awoke from their Phillip Fry naps, they found themselves to be ten men, one woman, and one mechanoid with a Philco for a face out of time, with nary a Michael J. Fox in sight.

    The Twelve #2 (of 12) | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • The crew receive a distress call from the Nova 5, which has crashed on a nearby moon leaving only three injured female crewmembers and their service mechanoid, Kryten.

    Red Dwarf: Season II

  • Maya maze mean mechanical spider mechano mechanoid medieval

    Want your virtual art to receive Real Life recognition? Here's the recipe

  • Ahead the corridor is encrusted with the alien excressence and not far down the bio-mechanoid catacomb begins.

    Fail-Safe, &c.

  • Arnold Rimmer caused the explosion that killed the rest of the crew is now a hologram, The Cat is a descendent of the cat that caused Lister to be put in stasis and Kryten is an android … sorry, mechanoid.

    Quit Your Day Job

  • We subjected these two mechanoid behemoths to our rigorous cleaning review procedures here at

    Crave: The gadget blog

  • Wu Yulu is something of a one-mad mechanoid phenomenon -- he'd almost fit the geeky home-tinkerer stereotype from many a 1980's vintage sci-fi movie.

    Fast Company

  • One might hypothesize that the jovial mechanoid is unaware that not everyone with whom he seeks to communicate shares his extensive vocabulary. - Business News

  • The second was the giant two-legged mechanoid you previously ran over, who must now be combated by grabbing the new drill power-up, getting on the opposite side of the planet and timing your dig properly so that you can smash right into his giant glass robo-crotch. News


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