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  • adj. Planned.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of meditate.


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  • Hatreds, thou alone dost fertilize the brain of man whom injustice has crushed; thou breathest into him the idea of meditated vengeance, sure misdeeds; thou incitest him to murder; thou givest him the abundant joy of accomplished reprisals and permittest him to taste the intoxicating draught of the tears of which he is the cause.


  • Later in the book, he suggests that some of the most successful men in the country would postpone a major decision until after they had "meditated" on it in bed with their wives!

    Love, Faith, and Sex

  • Milton read with selection, and "meditated," says Aubrey, what he read.


  • As he meditated, he heard a scuffling as of tire-soled slippers on grey, corporate carpet.

    Corporate HQ « Unknowing

  • Lewis meditated for a while the Criten continued folding the socks.

    Episode 9:1 Thoughts, Speculations, Alternatives « Unknowing

  • Looking back, there were probably hundreds of signs and symptoms along the way, but I was committed to being healthy, I exercised regularly, was a modified vegetarian, meditated and even owned a juice cleanse business, which was geared toward teaching women about clearing out toxins and rejuvenating the body.

    Pamela Serure: The Heart Of The Matter

  • Meditation was suddenly hip, and soon it would be something more substantial, as Maharishi prodded scientists to investigate what goes on in the body and brain when people meditated.

    Philip Goldberg: Three Gurus Who Changed the Face of Spirituality in the West

  • Nobody was there in their shoes at the exact moment that the boys took that toddler either so therefore we will never know if it was a game from two broken bored boys that went seriously wrong, or whether it was pre meditated and cold.

    Thankful Friday

  • This clever overture, evidently long meditated by Pope Benedict XVI as part of his generous approach to other conservative schismatics and former excommunicants like the ultra-right Lefebvrists, was written up mostly as a curiosity; a dawn raid on the much-beset Anglican Communion.

    The Men Who Made England

  • This was not a tragedy it was a pre-meditated attack by an Islamofacist. he should be cahrged with murder, treason and be tired in a military tribunal and if found guilty he should be executed. end of story. we are just all tiptoeing around calling him a terrorist. if McVeigh was a terrorist, so is Hasan. monitor the muslims closer

    CNN Poll: Could authorities have prevented Ft. Hood shootings?


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