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  • n. Plural form of megakaryocyte.


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  • For instance, hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow differentiate into blood cells, i.e. erythrocytes, megakaryocytes/platelets, and the different types of leukocytes.

    The 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - Advanced Information

  • The Japanese researchers set out to create an immortalized cell line with a large number of high-quality megakaryocytes -- precursor cells that develop into platelets -- from stem cells that can be grown indefinitely and differentiate into a variety of cell types in the body.

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  • You should note to your about the duerme megakaryocytes to lobation while you are externalizing ampicillin.


  • Platelets, or thrombocytes are small, irregularly-shaped anuclear cells, 2-3 µm in diameter, which are derived from fragmentation of precursor megakaryocytes.

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  • The megakaryocytes maybe decreased in size but generally increased in number.

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  • In contrast, AML1dC hardly affected c-Mpl expression and maturation of megakaryocytes.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • Mohle R, Hesselgesser J, Hoxie J, Nachman RL, et al. (1998) Transendothelial migration of megakaryocytes in response to stromal cell-derived factor

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  • We hypothesize that SHIP might control megakaryocytopoiesis through effects on proliferation of megakaryocyte progenitors (MKP) and megakaryocytes (MK).

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  • It has been reported that SHIP deficient BM have decreased number of colony-forming-unit megakaryocytes (CFU-Mk) [31], and SHIP has also been shown to regulate PIP3 levels after thrombin or collagen induced platelet activation

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  • shows that hESC-derived hemangioblasts can differentiate into functional megakaryocytes and platelets on a large scale.


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