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  • n. Large, corporate media


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mega- +‎ media


  • To Gonzalez and Torres, the "embrace of megamedia by established Civil Rights organizations represents the most startling and tragic setback in the modern history of the fight for social justice in the media."

    Art Brodsky: 'News For All the People' Is The Story Of Race And American Media. It's Not A Pretty Picture

  • The only thing that could make the current state of Canadian megamedia worse, would be for Mr. Harper to hand David Asper millions of your tax dollars.

    Will Stephen Harper Give Your Tax Dollars To David Asper And CanWest ?

  • Although megamedia corporations deliberately overshadowed the burning issuesraised by the majority of UN members at the 63rd General Assembly in New York, developing nations at least were able to share their common problems during their meetings.

    Megamedia Corporations Exposed Themselves

  • The for-profit-only megamedia that lies in bed with the military/industrial complex and this administration on so many levels, completely abrogating its true democratic duty of keeping the American citizens informed.

    Think Progress » BREAKING: FEMA Rehires Mike Brown

  • In an era of megamedia companies, KWTV remained family owned and more flexible in how it spent its money.

    Storm Warning

  • In an era of megamedia companies: Author interview with Joyce Reed, vice president, Griffin Communications, Jan. 2005.

    Storm Warning

  • Gotta be hard to have good coverage on anything that may not sell when owned partially by megamedia Disney (ABC).


  • Now we have those megamedia companies that won't speak truth to power and an ideological media that willingly lies for power.

    December 2004

  • With strong backing from President Bush, the FCC by a 3-2 vote gave the megamedia giants what they wanted — permission to get even bigger to own more TV stations across the country even to own newspapers, radio and TV stations in a single community.

    mjh's blog — 2004 — January

  • When the megamedia and the pundithugs, and, of course, the rightwing bloggers took notice at all, they smeared us for our lack of respect and unpatriotic, unAmerican, pro-terrorist attitudes.

    Firedoglake » Thanks, Colin, You’re a Real Hero


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