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  • n. A type of fast-running dromedary camel, which can be used for racing or transport.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One of a race of swift Arabian camels taking name from Mehara, a region in Arabia where it is raised, and of great value in campaigning and in exploring expeditions.


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  • The man whose duty it was to guide her camel had dropped behind, as had often happened before at her wish and Max's order, for the mehari was a well-trained and gentle beast, knowing by instinct the right thing to do.

    A Soldier of the Legion

  • They are known in the country under the name of mehari.

    Five Weeks in a Balloon

  • Sometimes came caravans, in this billowing immensity between the M'Zab and Ouargla -- city of Solomon, whither the Queen of Sheba rode on her mehari: caravans blazing red and yellow, which swept like slow lines of flame across the desert, going east towards the sunrise, or west where the sunset spreads over the sky like a purple fan opening, or the tail of a celestial peacock.

    The Golden Silence

  • The lounging Negro, who had let him in before, stared at the grey mehari with the red-curtained bassour, whose imposing height dwarfed the

    The Golden Silence

  • As the mehari fell, Maïeddine escaped from the saddle and alighted on his feet, his blue Touareg veil disarranged by the shock.

    The Golden Silence

  • Maïeddine himself became insignificant as the procession from the Zaouïa was joined by that from the city, -- the glittering line in the midst of which Sidi El Hadj Mohammed sat high on the back of a grey mehari.

    The Golden Silence

  • He rode beside Victoria's mehari, when good-byes had been said, blessings exchanged, and the little caravan had started.

    The Golden Silence

  • He was tall, and no longer slender, as Victoria remembered Cassim ben Halim to have been ten years ago; but all the more because of his increasing bulk, was his bearing majestic as he rode on the grey mehari, towering above the crowd.

    The Golden Silence

  • He cheered her by describing the interest of the journey when, by and by, she would ride a mehari, sitting in a bassour, made of branches heated and bent into shape like a great cage, lined and draped with soft haoulis of beautiful colours, and comfortably cushioned.

    The Golden Silence

  • Now the mehari was dead, and as Maïeddine seemed impatient to get back, they were riding home, in spite of the noon heat.

    The Golden Silence


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