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  • n. Plural form of melancholic.


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  • But recently, the 1980s pop star Morrissey lead singer of Mancunian melancholics The Smiths told a radio program that he'd like Penguin to publish his autobiography, "but only if they published it as a Classic."

    What's So Super About Super Injunctions?

  • It's the way that Baxter lovingly teases anguish, humor and heart-rending beauty out of clear, unaffected sentences describing the gray-clouded interior worlds inhabited by his cast of largely Midwestern melancholics.

    'Gryphon: New and Selected Stories,' by Charles Baxter: Short but potent

  • Some melancholics have called it, “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

    A Book of Miracles

  • Others, the simple melancholics, experienced “an excessive or altogether unjustified depression…a susceptibility for the unpleasant and wearing aspect of things only.”


  • Some melancholics may be mistaken, Freud argued, but the validity of their self-evaluations is not germane to the question of whether they are suffering from melancholia.


  • “Many melancholics can be cared for by the family doctor.”


  • In medieval philosophy, each individual was thought to be dominated by one of the four humors; melancholy, associated with black gall, was the least desirable of the four, and melancholics were considered most likely to succumb to insanity.

    Fine Art Friday

  • I mentioned in a previous post that during Divided Kingdom week at the LBC, I would be offering the view from the "Green Quarter" of the kingdom, where the melancholics are housed, and so I have.

    A Melancholic View of the Divided Kingdom

  • I, as anyone could predict, am to be sent to the Green Quarter, where the melancholics reside.

    All the Links that are My Life

  • He kind of figured that the Klan had a bad image, so he wanted to, you know, ban the "N" word and ban the robes and the hoods and the cross-burnings and -- and replace those things with personality seminars, teaching -- teaching their Klansmen to be -- you know, to work out whether they're melancholics or sanguines, and so on.

    Them: Adventures with Extremists


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