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  • n. A genus of rachiglossate gastropods of the family Volutidæ, closely related to Cymbium; the melon-shells.


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  • We understand not wanting to be pigeonholed as a CW actress, but with her lauded comedic skills and flair for drama - both straight up and "melo" - she ought to be hustling for meaty roles that will give her carte blanche down the road.


  • This last expression melo 'haggoyim -- "the fulness of peoples" with the article means: he shall constitute a real multitude of people

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • He says that _Abel_ is neither a tragedy, a comedy, a drama, a tragi-comedy, nor a Greek tragedy, which last would, he thinks, be correctly described as melo-tragedy.

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 5 Poetry

  • In a world of cookie cutter Machouses and bland offerings, these are wonderful. melo

    Rare Michael Jackson Portrait By Andy Warhol Up For Sale

  • Posted on March 27, 2010 by melo I just read at The Volokh Conspiracy that there will be a freedom vigil tonight, Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 9: 00 p.m. in the Senate [...]

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Freedom Vigil” Permit Issued

  • That's the play's problem – its melo has been fatally cursed by Victorian respectability.

    Projections of puppet theatre

  • Wildly defective genitives *mlitós → Hit milittas, Lat mellis, Gk μέλιτος, Ir melo, Arm melu.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • Crash the movie, was the most melo dramatic piece of garbage I had seen in a long time.

    WTF: Crash - The TV Series Trailer | /Film

  • Angus said ... anon: I don't see how you can know this from his college record. if it's true with p = .5, it's still well worth drafting him. also, while I am not a big 'melo fan, he's quite a bit better than joe barry carroll!

    Is Micheal Beasley really a "clown" and if so does it matter?

  • OIr melo acts as a **u-stem** genitive and absolutely nothing like the original genitive **mlitós, while milis 'sweet' being a separate word shouldn't contaminate our assessment of 'honey'.

    Missing honey


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