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  • n. A focus on the development of melody


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melodic +‎ -ism


  • Flashiness is always rated higher than the melodicism he specializes in.

    Michael Giltz: Music: Revenge Of The Seventies Singer-Songwriter!

  • As attractive as their worldly melodicism is, it's hard to imagine an English-speaking act getting away with generalizations as simplistic as: hypocrisy in politics, it's not good, we don't want any.

    Amadou And Mariam: Well Beyond Mali

  • Her work is itself a series of contradictions, its repetitive, haunting fugues are undercut constantly by a playful melodicism which might then grow more discordant and frenetic, all morphing naturally, unfolding from itself.

    Buzzine » Meredith Monk at the Guggenheim

  • Through his many years of genre-bending melodicism with Mr. Costello – from staccato punk to Farfisa soul to their most recent incarnation as a kind of post-punk cabaret duo – Mr. Nieve has grown to embrace the somewhat silly moniker.

    Costello Sideman Steve Nieve: Now He Has a Trio of His Own

  • Their marriage, and her absorption into the band as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, beginning with the excellent Perverted By Language, helped shift the Fall from droning, atonal minimalism to droning, atonal melodicism.

    The Fall

  • Brandi Carlile Monday The delicate falsetto of Ms. Carlile lends itself beautifully to country-pop melodicism and spare acoustic backing.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The New York Times wrote that "The team's finest songs are marked by a contemporary conversational fluency and precision of phrase, joined to a graceful Old World melodicism that looks back often wistfully to the turn-of-the-century operetta." Featured Content

  • Asphyx and Unleashed have bludgeoned with mid-paced power chords for decades, and Incantation already perfected dark, murky tones and chromatic melodicism.


  • The album's opening and closing numbers, "Do You Remember" and "Goodnight," bristle with the hard-rock anthemics, crunchy guitar fury, and power-pop melodicism of a Motorhead/Big Star summit.

    Cleveland Scene

  • The sensational drug-and-sex items (especially "Heroin") got most of the ink, but the more conventional numbers showed Reed to be a songwriter capable of considerable melodicism, sensitivity, and almost naked introspection.



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