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  • Having the form of a melon; oval with depressed lines running from end to end, the intervals between them being convex, so that a transverse section in any part has a scalloped outline. This form is found in many fruits, seeds, the eggs of insects, etc.


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  • We were fascinated by their butts, enthralled by each melon-shaped protrusion.

    Women Food and God

  • Soldati sees provolone being made at a factory in Lombardy, but this melon-shaped cheese was brought up to the Po valley in the early 1900s by southern entrepreneurs in search of a more fertile commercial terrain.


  • The creature drilled its multifaceted prismatic sense organs on Tom, the exterior of each of the three melon-shaped globes reflecting endless distorted images.

    String Theory, Book 3: Evolution

  • “Oh, so you are NOT asleep?” he countered with a nod of his melon-shaped cranium.

    Through Russia

  • Lana Smith was small and plump with melon-shaped breasts that not only defied gravity, they actually made her look fatter if that was possible.

    Maura's Game

  • Don Ricardo Aldaya had a cranium that, according to Julian, bordered on the melon-shaped and was quite rugged.

    The Shadow of the Wind

  • An older Angiran with a round, melon-shaped head was hurrying toward them.

    Shadow Lord

  • While he was trying, a big melon-shaped thing fell away from the Nemesis, and in the jiggling, radiation-distorted intership screen Harkaman's image was laughing.

    Space Viking

  • A very handsome style is an eight-sided, melon-shaped bag of black satin, with a decoration of bunches of scarlet flowers painted or embroidered.

    Manners and Social Usages

  • This is usually made in a melon-shaped mold, but it may be made in a round mold, such as a tin can, if the can is perfectly water-tight.

    Woman's Institute Library of Cookery Volume 4: Salads and Sandwiches; Cold and Frozen Desserts; Cakes, Cookies and Puddings; Pastries and Pies


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