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  • adj. Used in the names of various recipes for cakes and cookies that seem to melt in the mouth.


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melt +‎ away


  • I slept with her on the futon last night, because she rocket-vomited up her "meltaway" Tylenol so fast it was like I had fed it to her on a boomerang or something.


  • I chose the thins figuring they should also not go stale too fast (they have a shortbread/meltaway base), and I chose the chocolate chip cookies because I think many homesick Americans want chocolate chip cookies -- I know I do -- and I hoped that the giant, extra-thick bakery style would help them to not get too stale.

    Espresso Chocolate Chip Mandelbrot For The Troops

  • I was horrified to learn that Alex had never had a meltaway cookie growing up.

    key lime meltaways | smitten kitchen

  • Alex is a lucky guy to have a meltaway expert in the house!

    key lime meltaways | smitten kitchen

  • I have never had a “meltaway” cookie before and I was blown away.

    key lime meltaways | smitten kitchen

  • I am sad to admit that I have never tried a meltaway, but my boyfriend loves limes, so I think making this delicious looking cookie is in order.

    key lime meltaways | smitten kitchen

  • You could also keep the logs frozen for up to two months, and use them as the meltaway craving hits.

    smitten kitchen | key lime meltaways | print template

  • In one of his dispatches Pope said that he feared that his army would “meltaway.”

    FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871

  • Anyway, if you're looking for something really good and really easy, these chocolate peanut butter squares are like a peanut butter meltaway, or a tandycake without the cake.

    really REALLY good choco-peanut butter treats

  • I brought the most insanely sweet candy things: peanut butter meltaway candy which was very VERY easy to make and these chocolate covered balls of cookie dough that you really could only eat one of before you went into some sort of sugar shock.

    i did turn in a paper...


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