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  • adj. Of or pertaining to memes; pertaining to replication of concepts.


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  • I have combined the ancient and modern ideas of thought-forms into the term memetic thought-forms.

    Memetic Thought-Forms

  • Scientists, journalists, ministers, and now bloggers - really anyone who proselytizes ideas - could be described as a memetic engineer.

    The Speculist: The Danger of "Memetic Engineering"

  • Furthermore, the specifics of Said's concept of Orientalism won't feature as strongly in the book, if only to avoid confusion, although I will still go with the intertextuality in coining the memetic taxon of "Orientalist memes" - which I won't restrict to representations of Middle Eastern cultures.

    Thinkers' Podium

  • While the Dvorksy essay on "curing" fundamentalism that Stephen links to is well-intentioned George says of the fundamentalists that he wants to "return to them free will, rationality and self-respect" in order to help give their lives "meaning and purpose", I tend to share Stephen's concerns about this kind of memetic engineering.

    The Speculist: The Danger of "Memetic Engineering"

  • In any case, by "memetic," I don't mean anything more technical or fancy than this:Susan Blackmore 2002 re-stated the meme definition as whatever is copied from one person to another person, whether habits, skills, songs, stories, or any other kind of information.

    Archive 2006-05-14

  • I wonder if Wikis or games based on this method would be subject to "memetic" attacks.

    Virtual (Wikipediac) Worlds?

  • I like their line incl use of word memetic, damn I better get that into a sentence tomorrow (email if u are able to tomorrow - maybe when u speak to marketing: The new brand campaign is so memetic.

    RocketBoom H264 Ads $11,700. 7 Days to Go

  • (link) I wonder what kind of memetic hazard the Letter People songs are.

    mrissa: It's an old dance injury.

  • DB: We have formed what is called the Center for Human Emergence, and we have nodes in the Netherlands, Australia, Copenhagen, Jerusalem, London, Washington—and that’s what its purpose is, to find these models—and then again, with John Peterson, to do the kind of memetic mapping of the planet so we can see these kind of undertows that are shaping surface conflicts.

    iShift - Don Beck on the Essential Shifts (2006 Transcript)

  • # Jim Wright who could care less about Aynnon 16 Dec 2007 at 12:32 pm you’ve stumbled across some kind of memetic tripwire that compels people to lunge for their keyboards when those words flash across their screens.

    Just In Case You Were Wondering « Whatever


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