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  • n. A technique in which partial results are recorded (forming a memo) and then can be re-used later without having to recompute them.


From memoize +‎ -ation, or memo +‎ -ization. (Wiktionary)


  • Besides, the above implementation does not take any advantage of memoization, which is yet another secret sauce behind speedups of functional implementations.

    Ruminations of a Programmer

  • Um, I mean you can't implement same kind of memoization as in Clojure -- it does not change function signature, but it caches all function calls.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • This kind of memoization requires persistent storage, but if function signature (say, Int -

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • Why didn't you guys just embed the memoization logic inside the - measure - method?

    Kevin Smith

  • Here's where the remembered values (or memoization, if you prefer) come in.

    Kevin Smith

  • Compilation and memoization can yield 100-fold speed-ups. [p. 307]

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • This is an example of implementation of Fibonacci function and it's memoization. articles

  • Haskell's model is not incompatible with memoization, it is just that it is not possible to implement same sort of memoization as in dynamic programming languages on a user level, because transparent memoization

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • Whoever pointed this gentleman in the direction of a PhD dissertation on memoization as an introduction to the topic was wrong to do so.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • Without the time I can take to become a PhD, reading Haskell's Phd reference on memoization is the only sexual satisfaction I can have.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks


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