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  • adj. Like or characteristic of men; human; mortal.
  • adj. flawed, imperfect
  • adj. Pertaining to men, especially in regards to their characteristics or qualities


From Middle English mennish ("human", also "humanity, mankind"), from Old English mennisc ("human, natural, humane", also "mankind, human race"), from Proto-Germanic *manniskaz (“human, humanity”), from Proto-Germanic *mann- (“man, human, person”), from Proto-Indo-European *mAnw- (“man”), equivalent to men +‎ -ish. Cognate with Old Saxon mennisc, Old High German menniscer, Old Norse menskr, Gothic 𐌼𐌰𐌽𐌽𐌹𐍃𐌺𐍃 (mannisks). More at man, mannish. (Wiktionary)


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