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  • I went to Lamanai, a maya ruin, climbed the tower 2 pics down and came across a group of mennonites speaking lowland german.

    These are a few of the things I adore…(set to song)

  • They remind me of cheesebread that I used to get from the mennonites with huge chunks of cheese:D

    Cheesy Bread Bakers

  • The Chaco region of Paraguay: peccaries and mennonites.


  • Philogynist raymi has been going on about taking pictures of mennonites in st. jacobs for months so i decided it was finally time to shut her up which means she can't complain when i drag her to some museum somewhere next weekend.


  • I mean, I've grown up among the Hudderites, southern Baptists, MCC's new order mennonites, fundamentalists, not-so-fundamentalists, scholars etc.

    My Friday Post At Speculative Faith Is Up

  • The mennonites at least acknowledge that there are other voices in the discernment of truth and these voices, scripture and tradition, may point in directions that would appear to be “unaccepting.”

    Wedding cake at Hugo Schwyzer

  • It would grow in norhtern Mexico - and I bet the mennonites in Chihuahua grow it.

    Rhubarb in Jalisco/Michoacan?

  • And it still had nothing to do with crossing the highway and running smack dab into a van of mennonites. Stories

  • As far as the population thing, consider the amish and mennonites: typically large families who typically grow nearly all their own food, and provide for most of their other needs on the farm or in their communities.

    Mother Earth News Latest 10 Articles

  • OSF by the Catholic denomination and Bromenn by both the mennonites and Methodist I think.

    News from


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