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  • v. Present participle of menstruate.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. discharging menstrual fluid; -- of women during their menstrual period.


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  • This study concluded that increased ferrous sulfate supplementation may be necessary to prevent iron depletion in populations at increased risk of developing iron deficiency anemia after RYGB surgery, such as menstruating women and patients with peptic ulcer disease.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • Withoutarulebook - See this blog post below for distinction between perimenopause and menopause - but if one is still menstruating and having menopausal symptoms with no other cause found, she is probably perimenopausal.

    Oprah's Talking Hormones

  • Young girls in poor communities around the world are often forced to miss school when they are menstruating, because their parents cannot afford to provide them with sanitary pads that cost more than sacks of cornmeal and rice.

    Gail Vida Hamburg: Money Catches up With Meaning in Social Enterprise

  • To the question, "Would you stop menstruating if you could?" responses fall two to one on the yes side.

    Valerie Tarico: Picture a Technology Revolution. In Contraception. It's Here.

  • But somehow disgust was co-opted by our budding moral (aka social) regulatory systems and religions: homosexuality is wrong because it is yucky; women are spiritually unclean when they are menstruating -- also yucky; icky deformed people are barred from the Hebrew Holy of Holies; Hindu gurus, Christian angels and Muslim Imams wear white.

    Valerie Tarico: God's Emotions: What Are Emotions Anyway? (Part 4)

  • With such a small female range of "normal," the individual difference between our cyclic high point right around ovulation in menstruating women not using hormonal contraception and the pre-menstrual period low is relatively small.

    Ricki Pollycove, M.D.: Testosterone And Sex: What Women Should Be Talking About

  • At this point she was 12 years old, she hadn't started menstruating yet, she hadn't started her growth spurt.

    Humpbacked Children Have A Hero In Ethiopia

  • If you wear polyester-cotton shirts, non-magic boxers or briefs, eat shrimp, bacon, milk gravy with your meat, let your wife sleep inside the house when she's menstruating or mow your lawn on Sunday, you're breaking some laws.

    Amazing Thread v.2.0

  • Many menstruating New York City women have been left in a lurch without their trusty o.b tampons.

    Where Have All The o.b. Tampons Gone?

  • While there were some notable differences—in India, people were sickened by the thought of food cooked by menstruating women, while in the United Kingdom, subjects were repulsed by cruelty to horses—everyone listed bodily fluids and decaying or spoiled food near the top of their lists.

    The Panic Virus


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