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  • n. Either of two protein subunits of a myosin molecule, obtained especially through the digestive action of trypsin.

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  • n. Either of the two subunits of myosin that are formed by the action of trypsin


mero- +‎ myosin (Wiktionary)


  • Kominz DR, Eisenberg E (1975) C.rrelation between the inhibition of the acto-heavy meromyosin ATPase and the binding of tropomyosin to F-actin: effects of Mg2+, KC., troponin I, and troponin C. Biochemistry 14: 2718-2725.

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  • Conibear PB, Geeves MA (1998) Cooperativity between the two heads of rabbit skeletal muscle heavy meromyosin in binding to actin.

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  • Burns JE, Sparrow JC, Tregear RT, Kendrick-Jones J, et al. (1995) Single-molecule mechanics of heavy meromyosin and S1 interacting with rabbit or

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