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  • First let's talk a bit about "metagaming" and "metagame thinking", Sociologists can kindly stash away their definition over there for a bit, and TCG players can hold on to their "Path to Exile has warped the format" comments until the end of the article.

    Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • It helped that we were playing 2e where there were a lot less “rules” – table talk for rules was therefore minimal and metagaming/strategizing was forbidden.

    Breaking the Flow « Geek Related

  • Lots of useful tables - although their more charts or lists of advice as DWAITAS is a rules-light game and use some metagaming.

    curufea: GM Screen

  • Thats why TS hacking and faking FC commands is so much frowned upon in EVE as one of the worst kinds of metagaming.

    The face of information

  • That suggests that these players are metagaming, which means the designers are doing a rather bad job, if most people metagame, rather than game.

    Endgame: Bandwidth

  • To the extent then that players strive to push the envelope metagaming, customized UIs, etc. are they engaged in learning?

    Rewriting Virtual Worlds

  • Stop by But wait -- we have another who's taking metagaming to new heights

  • That is why it is up to game masters to catch and discourage metagaming, at least up to the level where it jeopardizes the game.

    Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • This can be a big issue, there are players out there who can't be bothered to pay attention during other peoples 'turns, much less during scenes where they're not present (Which, depending on your metagaming policies may be a good or bad).

    Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • If the characters are on the world to destroy the forces of X, and they have the in-game ability to detect forces of X, using that ability to do the job isn't metagaming.

    EN World D&D / RPG News


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