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  • n. The study of genomes recovered from environmental samples; especially the differentiation of genomes from multiple organisms or individuals, either in a symbiotic relationship, or at a crime scene.


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From meta- + genomics.


  • Hugenholtz says that metagenomics is grappling with the problem of having too much information and too few references.

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  • Sequencing DNA directly from the environment, a technique commonly referred to as metagenomics, is an important tool for cataloging microbial life.

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  • D. audaxviator was captured and its unusual genome sequenced and analyzed using the techniques of environmental genomics, also called metagenomics, by scientists from the U.S.

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  • A sampling of the entire DNA of microbes (known as metagenomics) revealed some 332,000 gene sequences, or about 100 times more than was found in previous studies of skin bacteria.

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  • Advances in DNA sequencing technologies now allow whole genomes to be covered, thus creating the new academic field of 'metagenomics'.

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  • As the technology dubbed "metagenomics" progresses, scientists might be able to detect environmental change or toxic chemicals not simply by using mechanical sensors or monitoring sensor species, but by examining biological changes within tiny organisms, said Mark Gerstein, the Albert L. Williams professor of biomedical informatics and professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry and computer science.

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  • ESS is in essence a subset of "metagenomics" which is basically the study of the genomes of organisms from environmental samples.

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  • Such an undertaking will require new approaches to culturing or processing of multi-species samples using methods such as metagenomics

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  • The popular model of science is based on “eureka” moments, but right now, metagenomics is more like a big 3-D puzzle, where every new piece of knowledge — and every mistake — affects the whole.

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  • Traditional genomic analysis sequences one organism at a time, but Hugenholtz is a leading practitioner of metagenomics — the new science of sequencing genes from whole environments of microbes at once, and sorting out the resulting jumble of loose DNA code with the aid of computer science, statistics, and biochemistry.

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