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  • n. A language or vocabulary used to describe or analyze language.
  • n. Computer Science A language used to define another language.

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  • n. Any language or vocabulary of specialized terms used to describe or analyze a language or linguistic process.
  • n. Any similar language used to define a programming language.

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  • n. Any language that can be used to describe another language or system of symbols.

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  • n. a language that can be used to describe languages


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meta- +‎ language


  • On the positive side, the concept of truth can be adequately defined for any formalized language L in a language (the so-called metalanguage), provided it is of higher order than L.

    Paradoxes and Contemporary Logic

  • But the mathematical part of the metalanguage will be the same, for that's the "sufficiently developed system of mathematical logic" of which Tarski spoke.

    Alfred Tarski

  • They also do not necessarily learn the important "metalanguage" of subject areas, which is so crucial if our learners are to socially interact and discuss ideas in a specific knowledge domain with each other and with authentic experts.

    Piaget and Vygotsky

  • However, our friends, the logicians, have made it clear to us long ago that in any but the simplest languages we must distinguish between an 'object language' and a 'metalanguage'.

    Max Delbrück - Nobel Lecture

  • In general, Greek letters like φ and ψ are variables of the metalanguage, that is, the language I am using for talking about theories of truth and the language in which this entry is written (i.e.,

    Axiomatic Theories of Truth

  • "metalanguage" formed by mixing together previously distinct languages or mediums.

    Serial Consign

  • Hmm. I also agree with you that the metalanguage (noun-like events and verb-like acts) is fairly abstruse and unlikely to be of much practical use in the classroom.

    G is for Gerund « An A-Z of ELT

  • A new metalanguage was created and cherished by those who could talk the talk.

    Rajiv Naresh: Meme Wars and the Death of the Underground

  • This glorious mess is an exhausting but also exhilarating archive of language and metalanguage.

    Seth Abramson: December 2011 Contemporary Poetry Reviews

  • Referring to metalanguage, including genus of concept.

    "Dune", Plus Often-Neglected Other Novels by Frank Herbert


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