methane-ammonia love



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  • Not only is there weak evidence against an oxidizing atmosphere, but there is no evidence that the methane-ammonia atmosphere necessary for prebiotic synthesis ever existed2, 3.

    Luskin vs. Science (and Scientific American) - The Panda's Thumb

  • I wonder if long-chain carbon polymers could form in a methane-ammonia environment.

    N@ked Under My Lab Coat

  • Why, if that device can work in a methane-ammonia atmosphere, it can work anywhere.

    the ship who sang

  • Guess it'd be hard to develop any art forms on a methane-ammonia planet.

    the ship who sang

  • Pinpointed them to the sixth planet which had ... of all improbabilities ... a methane-ammonia atmosphere.

    the ship who sang

  • They tracked the emissions to the sixth planet, a methane-ammonia giant, and assumed an orbit.

    the ship who sang

  • No one yet had found a planet with a halogen atmosphere, and, although there might be weird forms of life at the bottom of the soupy atmospheres of the methane-ammonia giants, no brave soul had ever gone down to see -- at least, not on purpose, and no information had ever come back.

    Cum Grano Salis

  • And on the other side of the double asteroid belt was the fourth planet, a fifty-thousand-mile-in-diameter methane-ammonia giant which Morey named Zeus in honor of Jupiter.

    Islands of Space

  • There is one strange thing about all of this though, and that’s the weird dreams she keeps having about communicating with something in the methane-ammonia sea. » Post Topic » Slow Life by Michael Swanwick


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