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  • n. Short form of methylated spirit.
  • n. Plural form of meth.


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Shortened from methylated spirit.

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From meths or methylated spirits, as stereotypically drunk by tramps.


  • Parsefone @meths | Send note | 29 Oct '07, 17: 49 | Reply | X although i need you and hey bulldog came pretty close ... some people meths @Parsefone | Send note | 29 Oct' 07, 17: 54 | Reply | X

    Drowned In Sound // Feed

  • [T] he Seventies were about as sober as a meths-swilling vagrant waylaying passers-by to tell them that the Archbishop of Canterbury has planted electrodes in his brain.

    A Progressive on the Prairie » Book Review: Strange Days Indeed by Francis Wheen » Print

  • We all know that Marx said that religion was the "opium of the people", but it could be argued that worshiping Jesus is less harmful to poor people than taking meths, heroin or crack.

    Huckabee Mounts Counterattack Against Romney Over Paroled Rapist Story

  • Pippa and friends, it seemed, spent their day drinking distilled meths from unlabelled bottles.

    …the death of Todd Landers « Sven’s guide to…

  • Once upon a time it was known as a certain type of ethnic lightning - best done with a candle placed on a tray with meths in it.

    Lord Levy Oozes Hypocrisy

  • Anna, the meths is fuel for the trangia stovewhich we decided not to take this time.

    The camping list

  • Little bubbles may form between the two layers and drag the strands of DNA up into the meths — the bubbles may be caused by the temperature difference between the layers, making the air dissolved in the green layer come out of the solution.

    The Forgotten Hero(ine)

  • When the cold meths is poured onto the green layer, the DNA dissolved in the water layer at the bottom of the glass is turned into a solid as the DNA cannot remain in the solution.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • When there is about a fifth of a glass of meths i.e. two fifths including the green liquid put the glass on the table and watch what happens.

    The Forgotten Hero(ine)

  • During Myburgh's trial, the policeman admitted that he poured liquid over Petersen, but he told Magistrate Marthinus van Graan that he was not sure whether he it was pure meths or a mixture of meths and water.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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