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  • n. Plural form of methylate.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of methylate.


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  • The simplest hypothesis is that this enzyme methylates the viral RNA.

    André Lwoff - Nobel Lecture

  • We found that dSETDB1 tri-methylates H3-K9 and binds methylated CpA motifs.

    Elites TV

  • "These results indicate that nucleosome positioning influences DNA methylation patterning throughout the genome and that DNA methyltransfereases (the enzymes that methylates DNA) preferentially target nucloesome-bound DNA," said Pellegrini, an associate professor of molecular, cell and developmental biology and an informatics expert.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News

  • Z, Sardana R, Bujnicki JM, Marcotte EM, et al. (2008) Bud23 methylates G1575 of 18S rRNA and is required for efficient nuclear export of pre-40S subunits.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • This idea was strengthened by the finding of a synthetic lethal interaction between rps15-1 and absence of Bud23p, which methylates G1575 in 18S rRNA, close to Rps15p's binding site.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • The resulting fragments (through mechanisms that are still being worked out) attract histone methyltransferase-which methylates more histones, thus attracting more RITS complexes, and so on.

    News from The Scientist

  • Therefore, the precise organization of chromatin along transcription units is critical to directing transcription factors and RNA polymerase II (RNA Pol II) to appropriate start sites within genes The Set2 (Kmt3) enzyme methylates H3K36 in RNA Pol II transcribed portions of the genome, and is targeted to genes through its association with the phosphorylated C-Terminal Domain of the elongating RNA polymerase

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • The current model contends that CTCFL specifically binds the Igf2/H19 ICR, recruits PRMT7, which then methylates nearby histones.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • PRMT7 methylates histones H2A and H4 and CTCFL stimulates PRMT7-mediated histone methylation.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Robust adaptation to a wide range of stimulus strength is achieved by an integral feedback from an activity state of receptors (kinase-activating vs. kinase-inactivating) to the methylation system, whereby CheR preferentially methylates inactive receptors and CheB demethylates active receptors

    PLoS Biology: New Articles


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