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  • Then the researchers found something startling: It wasn't just that the mice's clock-gene mutation changed their behavior, but also that their behavior influenced the clock genes.

    How Your Schedule Can Help (or Hurt) Your Health

  • As the fat cells increased in size and number, so did the mice's abdominal fat.

    Edward Flattau: Pollution Time Bomb

  • Sure enough, the mice's hair grew back each time, and the compound also showed promise in preventing hair loss.

    Scientists Find A Possible Treatment For Baldness

  • Elevating the mice's vitamin D to levels comparable to those in mice receiving UV light, however, did not confer these benefits.

    Test-Takers Shrug Off the Effects of Alcohol

  • Researchers injected mice with proteins that make the immune system attack the mice's own nerve tissue, triggering multiple-sclerosis-like symptoms, and then exposed them to varying levels of ultraviolet light.

    Test-Takers Shrug Off the Effects of Alcohol

  • The mice's heat generation and calorie-burning rate went up, too, according to research they published in the journal Nature in 2008.

    A New Way to Lose Weight?

  • In 2008 he and colleagues announced in a paper in Nature Medicine that they had managed to do just that: when he injected human bone-forming stem cells tagged with HCELL into mice, the cells headed for the mice's bones and began forming human bone there.

    Desperately Seeking Cures

  • And the Columbine killers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, told classmates that they smashed mice's heads and set them on fire.

    Murder Most Feline

  • In one experiment, Dr. Young and his colleagues gave two groups of mice different antibiotic treatments to see what happened to the "community" of bugs that had inhabited the mice's intestines.

    Gut Reaction: 'Good' Microbes Under Attack

  • Aicar increased test mice's endurance on a treadmill by 44 percent over a course of four weeks of treatment but no exercise.

    Aicar, GW1516 Might be Miracle Exercise Drug


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