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  • n. A single-stranded, non-coding form of RNA, having only about 20-30 nucleotides, that has a number of functions including the regulation of gene expression


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  • Measuring levels of this so-called microRNA, which is also associated with metastatic breast cancer in humans, may more accurately predict the likelihood of metastasis (which accounts for 90% of cancer-related deaths) and ultimately help determine patient prognoses.


  • There are several means by which to change the histone code, including a recently discovered regulator of this process called microRNA.36 Another involves methylation, a process by which access to the gene sequence is either allowed or denied.

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  • Fisher, now at VCU, and colleagues report that hPNPaseold-35 selectively targets and degrades a genetic component known as microRNA-221. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The new study examines a noncoding gene called microRNA-138. News Feed

  • Levels of one of those molecules, a tiny snippet of RNA known as microRNA-124, drop rapidly when a bird hears a new song, the researchers report.

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  • Liselle Bovell, a graduate student working in the laboratory of UAB Associate Professor of Pathology Upender Manne, Ph. D., discovered that patients who tested positive for higher levels of a genetic biomarker called microRNA (miRNA) had increased risk of death after being treated for colorectal cancer.

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  • The technique involves a genetic molecule called a microRNA to activate genes required to reprogram the adult cell to a state similar to an embryonic stem cell. - Articles related to Hip hope from stem cell technique

  • Tiny pieces of genetic material called microRNA (miRNA), better known for its roles in cancer, could ...


  • The team demonstrated that sirtuins enhance synaptic plasticity by manipulating tiny snippets of genetic material known as microRNA, which have recently been discovered to play an important role in regulating gene expression.

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  • Study links microRNA to shut-down of DNA-repair genes time that molecules called microRNA can silence genes that protect the genome from cancer-causing mutations. - Articles related to New twist on potential malaria drug target acts by trapping parasites in cells


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