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  • n. Any of several devices, containing a two-dimensional array of small quantities of biological material, used for various types of assay; the array itself


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  • A new device called the microarray, a small chip coated with DNA sequences, can simultaneously analyze many more spots on the chromosomes.

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  • Like the more famous gene expression microarray, this SMMs are arrays of wells where small molecules are connected to a planer cellulose support system, after which the antibacterial activity can be measure.

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  • The researchers have taken an interesting approach to investigating the differences between humans and chimps - they have used a relatively new genetic tool known as microarray analysis to examine the differences in gene expression between the chimps and humans.

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  • GAS was grown in human AF or standard laboratory media (THY) and samples for expression microarray analysis were collected during mid-logarithmic, late-logarithmic, and stationary growth phases.

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  • Postprandial gene expression microarray analysis was performed on peripheral blood mononuclear cells at the postprandial period.

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  • One approach has been to use a specialized platform known as a microarray-where glass slides are deposited with 10,000 protein fragments, called peptides, that are screened for their ability to react with specific enzymes and alter their activity. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The researchers identified a six-gene signature that was associated with metastatic disease using a molecular biology approach called microarray hybridization and a statistical method called significance analysis of microarrays to analyze gene expression patterns in primary tumor samples from 15 patients with localized PDAC and 15 patients with metastatic disease.

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  • This new remapping protocol, especially the new genome annotation, is shown here to be an important factor in improving the interpretation of gene expression microarray data.

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  • For this reason, we compared the effect of adding autologous perilymph to peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in patients with AIED who underwent cochlear implantation (end stage disease) compared to PBMC from patients undergoing implantation for longstanding, non-immunologic, stable, SNHL (hereafter called controls) using RNA expression microarray analysis.

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  • For details of the method refer to Tomlins et. al. We ranked target genes from the Affymetrix U133A mRNA expression microarray platform by COPA upregulation at the 90 th percentile (from 49 tumors and 19 normal tissues).

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